AVARA is an energy sector consultancy firm established in 2015, recruiting personnel and providing a range of engineering and advisory services to the oil and gas and renewable energy sector industry on the East Coast of Canada. For nearly 10 years we have been raising the bar of energy services in Atlantic Canada by being knowledgeable, professional, and by caring about the people that we are working with, and for.

An experienced team

AVARA is a consultancy firm established in 2015, providing a range of engineering and advisory services to the energy sector and oil and gas industries, both onshore and offshore, on the East coast of Canada. 

Avara has a deep-rooted understanding of these industries as its founding members have held positions with international operators in engineering and leadership. 

This is what sets Avara apart from most of its competition!

Avara’s goal is to provide local engineering and advisory services to the renewable energy sector and oil and gas industry on the East coast.

Avara’s network of skilled personnel has provided years of service to the local energy operators and has established long-term, respected working relationships.

Our strength is in our approach: we build a team of the best local technicians and work collaboratively and consistently together with energy operators to deliver better, cleaner projects.

We bring experienced professionals—from technicians and planners to cost control, contracts, project managers, and engineers. As well as, tailor specialized staff, services, and solutions to meet project requirements on a hit-the-ground-running basis.

Our value

Avara brings a strong track record built on Safety, Quality, Integrity, and Collaboration.

It is these Core Values that define who we are and what we stand for as a company. Avara puts focus into promoting the feeling of belonging and empowerment for all employees, and strives to build diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We strive to support the necessary strategies, measures, and checks to create a healthy work environment. Our Core Values guide our overall approach allowing us to provide exceptional performance to the energy sector operators we serve, so that together we can achieve our goals.